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Jonathan is a talented young composer, who understands the importance, impact, and intricate details of music for filmic drama. He has a true collaborative spirit, when working with others in this art form of story-telling through visual media."


- Eric Reasoner - Berklee Film Scoring Professor, NARAS/“Grammys” member, and music editor for such films as: Lethal Weapon 3 & 4, Die Hard 3, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Demolition Man, among others…

"Jonathan is a true artist in every sense of the word. He is right at home shredding on guitar or creating beautiful thematic works of art. He has an intuitive ability to seamlessly blend composition with engineering chops to craft stunning musical landscapes".

-Shaun Michaud - Berklee Guitar Department Teacher, Parma Recordings, Music for TV and Commercials, November Criminals, Golden Corral.

"Jonathan's music is infused with emotion and paints a distinct, musical narrative that clearly communicates a strong message.  Through his music, Jonathan demonstrates thematic works that not only support the arc of a film, but tell a story that informs the listener without the need for a visual medium".


-Sean Peter Hagon - Associate Dean of Career Education and Services - Berklee College of Music and composer for award winning films, TV and interactive media including American Pickers on History, MSNBC's The Deed and the award winning short film Ride The Wave.

“Jonathan has a true gift and demonstrated the ability to ingest various components from disjunct genres, and combine them together with audible finesse effortlessly and seamlessly. I have witnessed firsthand Jonathan slay each scoring scenario and project presented to him with the utmost demonstrated professionalism and musicality”.

-Alexander J. Whalen - Chief Executive Officer of Raging Cloud Studios & Lead Music Supervisor of Anaconda Street Productions

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